Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reasons for William Carey’s successful mission works in India

The following life styles and principles can be seen as the few reasons why William Carey succeeded in his mission, despite the times and the contexts (both in Europe and in India) in which he lived, and why his legacy still lives on today and continues to inspire:

1.    He had a strong conviction of the necessity of God’s salvific grace by everyone and had a high sense of God’s calling particularly to India. He considered his whole being and hard efforts as sacrifices to God, and he absolutely trusted and totally depended God.
2.    He was diligent in connecting with the right people and enriching that friendship to develop as ‘core group.’
3.    He was diligent in forming formal social units/societies/fellowships/institutions i.e., in institutionalizing the social friendship in order to keep the vision alive and to pursue that vision.
4.    He was diligent to address social evils and pursue various projects with ‘clear humane reasons’ through proper legal channels.
5.    He made huge efforts to connect with the heart and soul of different people through their own heart languages i.e., through their own vernaculars and literatures, by presenting them their own vernacular literatures in the form of the Bible and other literary works.

Life was certainly not without oppositions, struggles for simple meals, desperations, frustrations, doubts, suspicions, dimming hopes, and other trying moments for Carey! Carey literally lived out what he had preached by being a living sacrifice in “expecting great things from God” and “attempting great things for God.”



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