Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christian spirituality

Christian spirituality is self-awareness with a deeper openness to find out the supernatural oneness of God’s incarnation within each and every believer. It is an individual reformation in a personal dealing with God in a way that Scripture commends. It seeks deeper understanding about the very existence of the human race as they were created to praise and have holiest fellowship with the Ultimate being who longs to have fellowship with His pinnacle of creation.

 It is not superficial holiness which significantly exists because of the lack of biblical insight, theological profundity and charismatic chaos. Consequently the contemporary Christianity has forgotten to remember that the core of Christian spirituality is experiencing Christ likeness in the life of profound Christian according to Romans 12:1, 2.

Christian spirituality is not just following the set of written rules but it is having an intimate relationship with that transcendent Infinite Being. The passionate love which is spectacularly expressed in Song of Songs can be considered as the very fountain of Christian spirituality. It is started by the work of the Holy Spirit in every elected one as He is the very cause of regeneration in our depraved condition. Therefore I conclude that Christian spirituality is nothing but cooperating with the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to express the intimate love which we have on our creator.



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