Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obama Vs Osama

It has been a year since Al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin laden was killed by the elite Special Forces. It is a defining moment of the world, especially to USA. U.S.A government charged that Osama headed an international terrorist network called ‘Al Qaeda’ an Arabic word meaning ‘the base.’ By eliminating Osama, Obama claimed that he had brought justice to the victims of terror. But there is a need to know that Is Al-Qaeda finished or hat it simply mutated.

The loss of founder and leader of Al-Qaeda has discarded its ability to bring out more terrorist activists which they claim that ‘Jihad’, means holy war. Because what gave substance to Al-Qaeda’s global ambition was the person of Bin Laden. He was a unique figure whom his successors are incapable of replacing. And the key idea of radicalizing and mobilizing its ideology across Islamic has failed. That is more evident in Middle East uprising as theywere democracy not for radical Jihad. In addition, since al-Qaeda took its place on the world stage, a process of assessment has been going on. In spite of Muslim anger over both Iraq, Afghanistan and Yeman, that assessment, never truly positive, has become more and more negative as Al-Qaeda has alienated people by its indiscriminate killing.

War on terrorism can be justified. However, military techniques may bring momentary advantage. Development aid can shift attitudes. Intelligence can abort particular attacks. However the real change has been more fundamental than what we think. There is a significant necessity to search out a permanent solution to tackle the so called ‘holy war,’ terrorism.

The global pattern of War on Terrorism emerges rapidly against Al-Qaeda. Military action has evidently marginalized Al-Queda in Iraq, Pakistan and in troubled Afghanistan, although its offshoots and associates in North Africa and the Yemen are stronger and may still be growing. However, its ability to conduct long-range operations in the Eastern and non-Eastern countries has been reduced by good intelligence and measured such as the continual tracking of its communications.

The cause of terrorism is not just because of an individual or a group of people who have wrong ideology, but it is mostly because of mistake of foreign policies of different countries in the world. When developed countries trying to play a hero role to their country people, it indirectly affects developing countries. However I cannot also neglect the fact that religion and racism are other root causes of terrorism.

Well, I am not an anti-American, however, I should write about the controversial story behind Osama. It claims that during in the 1970s, when the Russia was the biggest threat to America and radical Islam was not as a concern of the USA’s, the USA began funding and training Islamic militants to fight their Russian enemies in Afghanistan.[1] Because of the failure in the foreign policy of America, its own trainee turned against the trainer, America. What happened in the rest of the history we all know. In addition, fairly recently, it seemed like there was a family feud – passed down from the Crusades or the like-going on between the Husseins and the Bushs for much of two decades.

Can terrorism be eliminated by Military action? Never. For instance, Haqqani network is emerging, that is still strong. Can terrorist ever achieve their dream by killing innocent people? oh Never. Evidently, Osama and Obama have failed. I remember Gandhiji words “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Terrorism and war will destroy the humanity from the face of the earth if we fail to stop. I don’t know how much it is possible but I conclude this article by a saying of Jesus, that is
                “Love your enemies”


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